• Ebay - Childs Violin : Ebay always a great resource for a bargain. All sizes available.
  • Foulds Music Shop : Located in Derby city centre. Sales, Instrument Rentals; Sheet Music and Accessories.
  • Gear 4 Music : At we are proud to offer a wide selection of violins carrying the Gear4music name. Violins are available in a range of sizes including 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 we have student violins ideal for people first taking to the violin. Our premium Archer violins offer an alternative with a quality and sound that will please the most accomplished of players.
  • How to Buy a Violin / Viola : An American article, but same rules apply. Some healthy advice for parents and adult students who are looking to purchases a Violin or Viola. My advice for beginners is to Rent, especially children. For adults beginners, if you favor a loving and long relationship with your new instrument then it may be better to make an investment. However, I would never suggest that you need to spend more than £500 - £1,000 GBP.
  •" target="_blank">MGR Music : Advertising link to this website
  • Music for Everyone : Nottingham based Organization promoting Orchestra, Band and Choral workshops. Sponser Stringwise for musicians age 7-18 years.
  • Music Theory Syllabus : Provides online subscription for ABRSM music theory syllabus and practice exams. See downloaded files in File Area
  • Music Theory Syllabus B : Music Theory online tutor.
  • Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra : NPO website for all the latest concerts and ticket information.
  • Nottingham Youth Orchestra : Training Orchestra - Grade 2 and above *No Audition Required* Fee £240 per year Download applications from website
  • Preloved - Second Hand Violin/Viola : Website to find Violin for sale. Used instruments can often be better as they have already been played in. Some very reasonable prices for all sizes. Search for "Violin" and the size you want. 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4
  • Suzuki Sheet Music : This website has a number of volumes available for Suzuki Violin School starting at £5.50. DO NOT purchase Piano Accompaniment volumes.
  • Suzuki Sheet Music on Ebay : You can find bargain deals on many volumes of Suzuki Violin School. You can find CDs for the books as well.
  • The String Zone : Purchase all your Violin/Viola accessories. Strings, cases, instruments, rosin, shoulder rests.
  • The Suzuki Method : History of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and the Principals of his Teaching Method.
  • The Violin Company : Located in Heanor; Violin Sales, Violin Rentals, Strings accessories and supplies
  • Violin Valuations : A Classifieds section for instrument purchases.